Our Mission

At Friends Solar, we are building something revolutionary! We are revolutionizing Solar Photovoltaics in a way that will bring independence and security to our families. Each individual team member shares the owner’s passion of constantly improving our customer experience. We have created an environment that encourages people to innovate and grow. At Friends Solar, your ideas and efforts have a direct effect and immediate impact on the company with career defining results.

Executive Overview

Friends Solar was founded based on a passion for providing exceptional customer service while saving our friends and neighbors money. As the company has grown, Friends Solar’s Consultants remain committed to delivering world class service and professionalism, while selling only American manufactured products to make a positive impact in the lives of its customers and our local communities.

Friends Solar

Our team shares a powerful entrepreneurial spirit. We take great pride in bringing innovative solutions to the communities we serve. We set out to revolutionize the  industry with Friends Solar, by bringing a new level of competitive pricing, speed of the installation, and ethical education to our customers. We have been honored to serve the unique needs of our customers in Hawaii and now California.

Friends Solar Cares

We take great pride in bringing innovative energy solutions to the communities we serve.  Understanding that the environmental impact of energy production is one of the greatest challenges of our planet, we are committed to doing our part to alleviate this impact by making the switch to solar simple for our customers.  Friends Solar provides a process that is not only simple, but quick and easy. Offering innovative financing options including Hawaii’s Green Sun, and Aloha Pacific Savings Energy Plan, we make going solar simple and affordable too.  We founded Friends Solar with the mission to help millions of homeowners adopt solar power to protect themselves from rising electricity costs and to preserve the environment. We have assembled some of the most talented and experienced people in the photovoltaic industry and partners to be on our solar team.

Friends Solar

Our goal is to bring about a change in the Energy industry. Beyond our commitment to save our neighbors money, we will work hard to find you the most appropriate and solution for your lifestyle. We offer FREE quotes on homes, and light commercial. We work with top rated companies and pride ourselves on providing reliable personal service.

Friends Helping Friends