Solar Sales

Solar power lowers electric bills and protects the environment.
Solar power lowers electric bills and protects the environment.
If you want to help save the environment while putting food on the table for your loved ones, consider a job as a solar sales representative. These sales professionals typically contact potential private customers or businesses; assess their needs; create a plan to meet those needs and ensure they get solar products that will satisfy them.


The national average salary for solar sales reps was $78,953 as of 2013, as reported by the national salary survey website Salary Expert. In five randomly selected cities including Miami, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Houston, the average starting salary at the 10th percentile for solar sales reps was $64,270. The average top salary in these cities, typically at the 90th percentile, was $147,653. Based on these data, you can expect an increase of $83,383 throughout the life of your career as a solar sales rep.

Geographic Differences

A difference of $25,164 separated the highest paying and lowest paying of these five cities. Individual averages included Miami, $67,464; Dallas, $89,160; New York, $91,992; San Francisco, $92,028; and Houston, $92,628. States with the highest employment levels for sales engineers, including solar sales reps, included California, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois and New York as of May 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, while top-paying states included Maine, Washington, Florida, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Job Outlook

An occupational information report conducted by Sullivan University predicted jobs for solar sales representatives would grow by 10 percent through 2018. Increased interest in renewable energy and competitive pricing of alternative energy sources have led to an increased demand for solar sales representatives. The Solar Energy Industries Association indicates that more than 350,000 homes used solar energy in 2009, concurrent with the opening of three new solar power plants in the U.S. These two factors led to an increase of 37 percent in the solar market. 

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